Fantasy Non Fiction is a four-piece alt-rock/alt-pop band fronted by drummer and composer, Rose Cangelosi.

Our two-song demo and our *NEW* single “Friends Like Strangers” is now available for purchase and download on bandcamp. We are currently mixing a self-funded EP with a projected release in Fall of 2019. This website will soon be updated with our new band photos, video, stickers, a donation option, and more!

For now check out “Strange Effect,” on Youtube!

and click here to visit our-> BANDCAMP!


NEW Single "Friends Like Strangers"

“Friends Like Strangers,” released November 16, 2018, is the first single from FNF's upcoming EP!
Release date TBA, Spring 2019

Personnel: Molly Reeves; rhythm guitar, Nahum Zdybel ; lead guitar, Sam Albright; bass, Rose Cangelosi; drums, vocals 

Music and Lyrics written by Rose Cangelosi, ℗ © Rose Cangelosi 2018 

Recorded at Bunny Friend Studios 

Produced by Molly Reeves, Rose Cangelosi and F.N.F. 

Mixed and Mastered by Molly Reeves and Rose Cangelosi 

Art design by Molly Reeves

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.27.04 AM.png


by Fantasy Non Fiction

Music and Lyrics written by Rose Cangelosi

Personnel: Molly Reeves; rhythm guitar, Nahum Zdybel ; lead guitar, Sam Albright; bass, Rose Cangelosi; drums, vocals

Recorded in part by NOLA Recording Studios and Bunny Friend Studios

Produced by Rose Cangelosi and F.N.F.

Cover design by Molly Reeves

Mixed by Earl Scioneaux III, Mastered by Bruce Barielle